Saturday, July 28, 2012

Welcome, the Olympics’12

With only just a very little time to go it is that time of the year, no technically that would be wrong, but well… it’s time for yet another Olympic showdown for all sorts of sports fans and people even remotely interested in games. The opening ceremony will be held today, tomorrow in fact according to our timings at approximately one in the morning. I for one am determined to stay up, even if it later means staying up till sehri, to watch it.

Occurring once every four years, the Olympics have always managed to draw huge crowds both to the actual venue of the game itself as well as across the world. Naturally, with advancing technology, it is only logical to assume that the role that the virtual world will be playing in this year’s Olympics will also be of greater significance than of yore.

For today, that was most obviously seen on the Google search page. With Google such an integral part of our lives, it is usually the first web page any regular web user will open when online. Google has welcomed the Olympics 2012 with a new ‘Olympic-Doodle.’ This doodle is set to change, presumably daily to be replaced by a new Olympic themed one. A Google Hangout was arranged with Usain Bolt before the Olympics, a video of which may be viewed here. The official London 2012 channel on YouTube will stream the opening ceremony live for millions of online audience across the world and so far, according to Google News, the top trending topics on this site are Usain Bolt and Olympic Flame in second and third place respectively, and Roger Federer, who will open the London Olympics tennis matches against Alejandro Falla, was in seventh position.

Furthermore, the stats on the official website show that the Olympics fan page on social media website already has 852 thousand likes while they have 1,001,765 and 980 users following the official channel on Twitter. There are also some apps available… altogether 15 free iOS and Android applications that interested fans may enjoy. And that is not just it. Already there are plenty of blogs, tweets, statuses, comments, and news articles online regarding this mega event. So if you are a fan, and if you, like us, are looking forward to the Olympics, what are you waiting for? Check out the live streaming on YouTube now! Happy viewing!

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