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Huawei to Organize Workshop on 3G in Pakistan

A series of Workshops on 3G technology in Pakistan will begin from today. Huawei Global will organize the workshops at Serena Hotel, Islamabad. The workshops are meant for Industry leaders, which will impart them the knowledge about the potential of mobile broadband. It will be attended by CEOs and top executives belonging to various telecom operators, and also by representatives of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) and Ministry of Information Technology.

Huawei also conducted different road shows in collaboration with PTA in 2011 to show its expertise in the field of Telecommunication and Mobile Broadband.
The launch of 3G in Pakistan has been delayed several times owing to political and administrative issues. However, a special committee under the supervision of Dr. Hafeez Sheikh, in collaboration with PTA, is set to finalize the launch of 3G in the country once again, for the __th time.

Amazon to Build its Own Smartphone

With so much buzz around smartphones these days,   Amazon is all set to develop its own. Amazon, which provided consumers a cheap alternative for iPad with its Kindle Fire, is working with Foxconn to develop the hardware for its smartphone, according to sources. This hardware will use Amazon’s version of Android Operating system. The company has also hired a new General Manager, Matt Gordon, to protect the company against possible lawsuit owing to on-going patent wars among major tech giants.

Amazon has had great success with its Kindle Fire as early player in the tablet market. However, it would be tough to compete in a well established Smartphone market.

Free SIMs for Pakistani and Indian Pilgrims

Many good things in life come for free! Following this maxim, Saudi Telecom operator, Mobily, has decided to offer free mobile SIMs for Pakistani and Indian pilgrims, who will be visiting KSA to perform Umrah and Hajj this year. This will save pilgrims from trouble of searching for SIMs, in order to contact their homes. These SIM cards will be provided in collaboration with Areej and Aroma Groups.  Similarly, Indian pilgrims will also be given free SIMs by Saudi Government in collaboration with the Indian Government. The SIM cards will have all the important numbers to help the pilgrims in emergency cases.

Samsung Reports Galaxy S3 Set On Fire

The success of Samsung over patent issues and outlandish sales records in Europe has definitely been inflammatory for its competitors. Coincidentally, the device itself caught fire too, as of last month. Samsung Electronic affirmed the Samsung Galaxy S3 was set ablaze through an external device, not due an overheating of the device itself. As revealed by Fire Investigators, UK “an external energy source was responsible for generating the heat.”

In June, a consumer from Dublin posted photos on a website saying his phone had exploded while he was driving. He posted, “suddenly a white flame, sparks and a bang came out of the phone.”

Samsung, thus, contacted FI-UK to determine the cause of explosion. Samsung posted on its official blog, “Additionally, the investigation results state, ‘The only way it was possible to produce damage similarly to the damage recorded within the owner’s damaged device was to place the devices or component parts with a domestic microwave.’

Samsung Galaxy S3 is seen as the strongest rival to Apple’s iPhone since its launch in May in Europe. Overheating issues are being reported in different Smartphones and tablets by consumers.

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