Saturday, July 7, 2012

Sparrow for iPad, it’s coming!

Saad Hamid on June 7, 2012

I must say that if there is one iPhone app that I simply can't live without, it has to be Sparrow for iPhone.

Sparrow for iPhone is an email client much similar to the default client in iOS but rich with a lot of features that make it simply much more pleasing to the eye.

And not just the iPhone, the Sparrow mail client for Mac has actually forced me to ditch the default in Mac OS X due to its light-weight, pleasing gestures, and easy-to-use functionality. And looks like, the iPad will be next.

The company is prepping up to launch the iPad version of Sparrow for which they have setup a special page on the URL that teases "We are preparing something bigger".

Although, one feature that have been keeping Sparrow users in disappointment is support for Push. Let's hope they add Push support to the iPad client at least.

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