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Telenor to Discontinue Voice and SMS Bundle Offers on Eid

Like all the other Cellular operators, Telenor will suspend its voice and SMS bundle offers this Eid. It will also discontinue its Add-ons including Poora Pakistan and Location Based Offers.

Telenor made this decision owing to the anticipated heavy traffic in the last days of Ramzan. The company said that the decision was made to provide uninterrupted services during Eid days from 27th of Ramadan to 3rd day of Eid. However, the standard voice, SMS, and data charges will be applicable during the period.

Samsung Galaxy Hits 10 Million Mark

The new Samsung Galaxy S3 has registered sales exceeding 10 million sales mark within two months since its launch. Samsung Electronics of South Korea, the world’s top Smartphone maker, expects a record profit of 6.7 trillion in the second quarter with strong sales of its Galaxy Smartphones.

Samsung has seen high demand for its Galaxy S3 since its launch in May. The head of Samsung’s Mobile Communications division, J. K. Shin, said, “It appears that it (accumulated sales) has exceeded 10 million units.” Earlier, he expected S3 would surpass 10 million by the end of July with its availability in more than 140 countries.

The Galaxy S3 comes with face recognition; improved voice activated controls; a powerful processor; and can also detect eye movements. According to market researcher Strategy Analytics, Samsung has shipped about 44.5 million Smartphones in the first quarter, more than 35.1 million of Apple.

Samsung is competing with Apple in the Smartphone and tablets market and expects S3 to further deteriorate its market share before the launch of Apple’s iPhone 5 this year.

Kodak Loses Against Apple and RIM in Patent Case

In an appeal of a patent dispute over digital image preview technology, Kodak has lost to Apple and Research in Motion. The loss affects the company’s efforts to raise money in bankruptcy by selling patents.

The Photography Giant lost the case when a verdict by Judge Thoman Pender declared that neither Apple nor RIM had infringed Kodak’s rights in the so-called ’218 patent, which covers how digital cameras preview images. The US International Trade Commission supports the earlier ruling.

Kodak plans to re appeal to US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit in an attempt to recover $1 billion. It said, “The validity of the ’218 patent has been upheld in previous litigation at the ITC and was affirmed by the U.S. Patent and Trade Office in the face of two separate challenges. We are confident that its validity will ultimately be upheld.”

Kodak was granted permission to sell more than 1,100 digital imaging patents in order to repay its creditors as it shifts its focus to printing. These patents are for digital cameras, Smartphones and tablets.  These patents are part of Kodak’s digital-capture portfolio that has generated more than $3 billion in revenue since 2001. An auction is expected by Kodak as soon as the next month will begin.

Nokia to Revive its Marketing Strategy

Sources have reported that Nokia is considering an overhaul in its traditional mass marketing strategy before the launch of its new Windows 8 Smartphone this autumn.

Nokia is in secret negotiation with European Operators for the launch of its Smartphone. It is working to find an opportunity to use Windows 8 platform from Microsoft. Sources report that the France Telecom was in talks with Nokia although no deal has been finalized.

The new strategy will focus on creating dedicated support for Nokia’s Smartphones with partnership with one or two networks in Europe. An analyst informed sources that the relationship will offer a financial stake to the operator in the success of the range. Earlier, Nokia relied on getting as many sales as possible across all channels immediately.

Facebook New App Layout More Like Pinterest

The new Facebook Open Graph app’s layout seems much similar to the one on Pinterest. The new design makes app stories more prominent by building boxes in the users’ news feed. It also allows likes, comments, other actions like directing one to a third party page or website when clicking a photo. This is much like pinning items on Pinterest.

Facebook has introduced the new interface for a number of users and for Photo-heavy apps only. A spokeswoman for Facebook said, “We’re always testing new Platform features. But we have nothing further to announce.”

According to inside Facebook, Open Graph apps include Foodspotting, Ticketmaster, Sound Cloud, TripAdvisor, Rotten Tomatoes, USA Today, as well as Pinterest. It integrates websites and resources like recipes, music playlists, and other into Facebook’s Timeline, Ticker, and News Feed.

A spokeswoman for Pinterest has declined to comment on the matter. Pinterest is the third most popular social network in US and is gaining more popularity this year.

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