Sunday, September 23, 2012

ITCN Asia 2012 goes on…

It happens rarely when local meets the global. There only few players in the world that do it every year to enhance and expand technology learning; to help the companies to launch and introduce their products and services; and to foster ties between the local organizations with international organizations. Like previous years, this year too ITCN Asia held an event at Karachi Expo Centre with the aim to celebrate the innovations that have taken place in the IT sector. Nevertheless, like last year’s event that suffered the lack of support from the city, this year as well, similar circumstance seemed to have affected the event.

The ITCN Asia 2012, held from September 19-21st had given a golden opportunity once again to professionals, IT experts, businesses, CEOs and user community to join and meet each other at one platform. Grand stalls could be seen displaying what developments have taken place in the IT sector within a year, but unfortunately they went unnoticed â€" not because they weren’t attractive, but because the percentage of the guests was not overwhelming.  The hard work often doesn’t payoff! ITCN always does something extravagant for the organizations, partners, user community, and this time too it expected a huge response, but the on going riots and violence in the city hampered the response which would have been great otherwise. Anyway, the event was an exhibition and conference at the same time, which included foreign and local exhibitors both. Different stalls had been set that were displaying different products, devices, and gadgets. The event was a bit different from other events as it displayed and demonstrated products for all age groups. The ITCN Asia 2012 displayed ICT products and services, multimedia device, digital products, telecommunications equipments, networking, systems, office automation, IT solution and software.

An interesting feature of the event was the presence of Robotic Slams, which does not cater to businesses, but to 5 year-old-kids. Mr.Emad Qureshi, Manager Operations, Robotic Slams, discussed how this company provides a learning centre for kids to get to know about iPad game development, Android game development, and modeling to name a few. ITCN has provided a great opportunity to families and kids as well learn and become part of technology world just at the age of 5. However, the circumstances had not let the show to go as it was expected.

CIO Pakistan, a Media Partner, managed to talk to the esteemed guests that had showed up to grace the event despite the tense situation in the city.  Amongst the many interviewed, CEOs of the many startups stalled at the ITCN Asia 2012 introduced themselves, their companies, their products and services and how ITCN is being helpful in giving them an exposure. Appreciating ITCN’s agenda, Mr. Riaz, CEO of Enterprise Team, commented that “it has been a great experience with ITCN as it enabled building contact with local companies as well as global companies.” Mr M. Azam, Chief Consultant and CEO Secure Beans, also appreciated ITCN’s efforts by saying that “ITCN allows B2B as well B2C opportunities.”

Cloud computing once again became one of the highlights of the event as its impacts were being discussed on the occasion. The advertising consultants also shared their views on how technology has positively influenced the way of advertising.

The events like these are not only events, but are opportunities in disguise. These events provide the chances to grow, to learn, to innovate, and to interact with different local and global organizations. The lack of support, response and participation, from an often disturbed city situation, can impair such efforts.


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