Saturday, September 1, 2012


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Mobilink launches ‘I am a Mobilinker’ Campaign

Mobilink has launched a video of its employees to show the world how it feels like working at the country’s largest network. The video shows the company’s confidence in its employees and their capabilities.

The video, ‘I am a Mobilinker,’ shows different employees speaking on ‘best days of my life everyday @ Mobilink’.

Mobilink with its employees wants to show that ‘it’s not because of a single employee, but 4000 employees working towards one goal.’

Dhabi group splits Warid and Wateen Boards, Zouhair Khaliq Resigns

Sources have confirmed that Dhabi group has decided to split the boards of Warid and Wateen telecom to separate both companies as individual companies. As a result, Mr.Zouhair A. Khaliq resigned from Warid’s Board and will continue serving as a member of Wateen board.

Sources have reported that Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Chairman of Abu Dhabi Group, has ordered to separate the operational procedures of both the companies to make them more self sustainable.

Mr.Khaliq had been serving as Group Executive on boards of Warid and Telecom since January 2011. Warid and Wateen telecom are part of Dhabi group that runs telecom operations in Pakistan.

Samsung Wins in Tokyo Court

A victory came for Samsung Electronics as a Tokyo court ruled that Samsung did not infringe Apple’s patents. The patent was related to transferring media content between devices.

Samsung had lost a major patent case in the US last week, as US court ordered the company to pay more than $1bn in damages to Apple.

In a statement on the court’s fresh decision, Samsun said, “We welcome the court’s decision, which confirmed our long-held position that our products do not infringe Apple’s intellectual property.”

The District Judge, Tamotsu Shoji, ordered in favor of Samsung, rejecting Apple’s claim that the South Korean company is violating Apple’s patents related to synchronizing music and video data between devices and servers.

After the major win in the US court, Apple is now seeking a sales ban on eight of Samsung devices in the US market.

CEOs of Google and Apple Talking Secretly on Patents

It has been informed that Google CEO, Mr. Larry Page, and Apple CEO, Mr. Tim Cook, have been negotiating over different intellectual property matters, including the mobile patent disputes between the two companies.

According to the sources, the two had a phone conversation last week. Besides, talks are also going on between the lower-level officials of the two companies.

The top executives are expected to discuss the matters in the upcoming weeks, but a confirmed date has not been set. High level communication is taking place between the two companies after Apple’s decisive victory in a patent case over Samsung, which uses Google’s Android software.

Apple and Google have become tough rivals in the recent years after Google’s Android software became the No.1 Smartphone operating system. However, the matter of the on-going talks is still unclear.

Apple and Google declined to comment on the matter.

Amazon, Nokia Join Hands Against Google Maps

In an attempt to rival Google maps, has joined hands with Nokia Oyj. The deal will bring mapping services to Amazon’s new Kindle Fire, which were not present in the earlier model.

The new Amazon Kindle fire is the second most popular tablet after the iPad. It is reported that Amazon will add location capabilities to the new Kindle Fire; either it will be GPS chip or a process known as Wi-Fi triangulation.

Mapping services offer street maps, information about local businesses and traffic status, support for navigation, and third-party applications like travel services.

The Kindle Fire is facing a tough competition from Google Nexus 7, which comes with GPS for location and mapping functions. Amazon is expected to unveil a larger version of its Kindle Fire in few days with improved features to compete well with Nexus 7 and also iPad.

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