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PTCL Introduces ‘VideoCon’ Nationwide

The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority has launched its video phone services nationwide by the name of ‘Videocon’. It is available for both corporate and private sectors.

Videocon will be the first video service in the country which will enable customers to have video conversation with family, friends, or clients. PTCL customers can make or receive video calls from their video phones with the service.

The service was introduced in Karachi, Lahore and Islamabad in June last year. PTCL has extended the service now across the nation.

Ufone’s Eid With Children of SOS Village

In an attempt to bring joy to under-privileged children of the SOS village, Ufone recently hosted Iftar and Eid celebrations in Islamabad and Quetta. The celebrations were part of company’s CSR efforts for the under-privileged segments of the society.

Ufone management attended the event. The whole event was marked with different festivities enjoyed by the children. Also, UFone distributed gifts among the children to mark the celebrations of Eid.
Commenting on the occasion, Ufone’s President and CEO, Abdul Aziz, said, “The innocent smiles of the children reminded us that they are full of life and that they have full faith in their bright future under the supervision of an organized and professional SOS village management and staff. Ufone will stand shoulder to shoulder with SOS to provide full support as a corporate entity that cares for the future of the nation’s children especially the ones that are marginalized.”

The celebrations were followed by dinner, arranged for the children and staff of the villages in Islamabad and Quetta.

Hearing of Apple’s Request for Injunction due on Dec 6

December 6 has been set as the new date for Apple, which is seeking a permanent injunction on Samsung’s Smartphones, as ordered by a US Judge. The delay in the hearing may affect impact of Apple’s decisive legal victory.

Earlier, Apple has filed for preliminary injunctions on Samsung’s eight devices for which the hearing will take place on September 20. Apple will also file for a permanent sales ban.

September 20 hearing will be on Samsung’s request to dissolve a sales ban on its Galaxy tab 10.1 where the jury also stands with Samsung.

US District Judge, Lucy Koh, said in an order that it was appropriate that various post-trial motions be consolidated, owing to Apple’s preliminary injunction request. The request for permanent injunction will be considered in December after the attorneys file detailed legal arguments.

There were no immediate comments from both the parties involved in the matter. As far as money matters are concerned, a US court awarded Apple $1.05 billion in damages a week back.

IBM Releases a Smaller and Faster Mainframe

IBM introduced a new mainframe computer that is anticipated to head off the competition from inexpensive PC-based servers. The new machine, called zEnterprise, costed about $1 billion and comes with 25% more powerful processing cores than earlier models.

The company said the redesigned model also features better security and data-analytics tools than previous models. Analysts believe that the mainframe market is witnessing a long-term decline.

The optimum used of mainframes takes place at big banks and organizations where large computers are used for heavy data processing. IBM is the biggest seller of mainframes for which prices start from $1 million.

Analysts believe that the improved security and speed will help IBM make its existing customers happy but would not earn the company new customers. Charles King, an analyst with research firm Pund-IT, said, “It’s going to be harder and harder for IBM to find new customers and new opportunities for the mainframe.”

IBM will start shipping the new mainframes in September. The market for mainframe is shrinking, according to market research firm, Gartner, which estimated that annual sales would keep falling this year and for the coming years. Now the companies rely on cheap PC-based servers for their data-processing needs rather than relying on mainframes.

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